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Excel Training

SAQA Accredited Basic Excel Training Course

You will learn to understand spreadsheet principles for data organisation and analysis. Creating, saving, and opening spreadsheets ensures accessibility and security. Producing specified spreadsheets showcases structured data proficiency. Editing enables data manipulation, while formatting improves clarity.

SAQA Accredited Intermediate Excel Training Course

You will learn to prepare and produce a spreadsheet to solve a given problem, adjusting settings to customise the application's view and preferences. Utilise multiple worksheets to tailor the solution, applying formulas and built-in functions for alternative approaches and format the spreadsheet appropriately.

SAQA Accredited Advanced Excel Training Course

You will learn to create and edit graphs/charts, load data from external sources to produce desired spreadsheet outcomes, and insert/edit objects in spreadsheets. Additionally, outlining data, modifying data display, applying conditional formatting, creating and utilising templates, and working with comments.