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Get internationally recognised qualifications in Procurement, ICB Financial management, Business studies and Information Technology. Amilak Training Center boasts small and intimate classes with flexible schedules that also accommodate the working professional; highly qualified and experienced Lecturers; and a 90% pass-rate!

Amilak Training Center is an accredited Private TVET College as well as a registered CIPS Study and Examination Center.

We pride ourselves in offering excellence through education.

What Our Students Say

Student Testimonials


Even though I am in the bookkeeping industry, I have learned much more than I knew and I know going forward that the rest of the subjects will make an ever bigger impact.

Shani Van Tonder
Financial Accounting Student - Highest Scorer in BL and BTB!

My experience was great! My lecturer was excellent and very helpful. My fellow students became my friends and we grew to be a family. I had a great time studying at Amilak Training Center.

Andricha Viljoen
Business Management Student - Highest Scorer in BLAP, BTB!

The experience of lecturers and the co-students at Amilak Training Center assists to obtain inputs on different sectors of business, enable you to bounce ideas and to get input from different perspectives. The theories are related to actual examples and case studies that assist with implementation of such initiatives in the work place.

Morne Koortzen
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in PD3!

Amilak is like my second home and everyone there has become like family, I love that they are always willing to accommodate their students’ needs. Whether it’s coming in on a Sunday or studying till eight in the evening.

Andiswa Mabece
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AD1!

Studying at Amilak has given me the insight to understand my function in a business and has given me the confidence to take on new challenges.

Lise Rex
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in D1!

Studying CIPS at Amilak has helped me to improve and do my work more professionally. It's also enabled me to assist my colleagues and share better ways of doing our work by adding value to the organization through procurement processes.

Bongiwe Shiba
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in PD5!

My experience with Amilak has been great. They are very professional, well organised and friendly. They must continue with the excellent work.

Portia Ngwenya
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AC5!

Amilak Training Center has assembled a team that is very supportive to learners; not only the lecturers but also the administration staff. Learners get all the information that will enable them to pass e.g. previous exam papers, tips for exams, slides and revision classes. This team makes the burden on learners far less that it would have been without them.

Zime Ndlangana
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AD4!

It has been very good, especially the fact that as a student you're offered the opportunity to express yourself and decisions are made quickly.

Mulalo Khubana
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AD5!

It has been phenomenal, eye opening (with the best lecturers helping us to have better understanding) and choosing Amilak has been the best decision for my career.

Nkhumeleni Nethavhani
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AD3 & AD4!

Studying at Amilak Training Center has opened my eyes to greater opportunities that I never thought would be accessible to me in my line of work, within the business sector and also gave me the hope in the sense that if others can do this, so can I!

Maureen Kekana
CIPS Student - Highest Scorer in AC4!

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200 Learners


20 Courses


11 Years Exp.

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CR November Exam Results Release Date

Exam results will be published on 15 January 2020



OR November Exam Results Release Date

Exam results will be published on 11 December 2019



CIPS November Exam Results Release

CIPS November Exam results will be published 15th January 2020



CR Exam Week (November 2019)

Constructed response (CR) exams taking place this week, Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th November 2019.



2020 Enrolments Open

Enrolments for the 2020 academic year opened on 01 October 2019, please start your registration process early to secure your place.