Who we are

Amilak Training Center Pty Ltd is a privately owned enterprise which is aimed at developing skills in the Business, Information Technology and Science Sector of the economy. Amilak Training Center offers customized corporate training, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Accounting and has a range of other quality learning opportunities and access to lifelong learning resources. Amilak is registered with the Charted Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) as a Study Centre. Other registrations include: Institute for Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB), the institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS –BCS-UK) as well as various SETAs - Sector Education and Training Authority.

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Amilak Training Center is guided by the philosophy of EXCELLENCE THROUGH EDUCATION AND making a difference in our Communities. AS SUCH, WE OFFER skills development programmes that contribute to the ever increasing occupational skills in our nation & beyond. Amilak Training Center also offers:

Our vision

Become the leading private higher learning institution

Our mission

Developmental Impact

Amilak Training Center was established with the primary aim of providing quality vocational education that is in line with the National Qualifications Framework and meets the need of its customers.